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Mirror.In.The.Cup is a tea-leaf reading & charm casting service performed in a fluid blend of divination, story, intuition, and play, located in the Pacific Northwest. I offer tea-leaf readings at Psychic Sister, at my home, or at yours!

You can schedule an appointment at Psychic Sister online here, or contact me to set up a reading!

:: The Story ::

Once upon a time, a long time ago…

In days of old there lived those who were considered wise in strange and unusual ways. They were wise in a wide variety of different crafts, magical and fantastical crafts that included divination, herbalism and healing, charm casting, and ritual magic. These people were called by many names– they were called goodwalkers, women of virtue, soothsayer-healers, curse lifters, wise (old) men or wise (old) women, or just cunning folk. These cunning folk openly shared their gifts with their neighbors and their community to help heal, guide, and provide clarity, wisdom, or luck.

Based on the arts and practices of these cunning folk from the Old Country, I offer tea leaf readings paired with charms to help heal, aid, illuminate, and guide.

:: The Consultation ::

Each consultation takes anywhere between thirty minutes and an hour.

Consultations are a fluid blend of divination, conversation, and intuition. Sessions may be coordinated with moon phases to achieve desired awareness or result. The end result will be a deeper understanding of your state, a charm, and/or a potion. My work is inspired by history and story, play, and magic.

The first portion of the session comprises of conversation and story over a nice cup of tea. As we sip our tea, you tell me the story you want me to hear. We can talk about anything. We can talk about your life, your hopes, dreams, wishes, and fears. Or we can talk about the food you ate last night, or your middle name. Maybe you want to lie to me. It’s all okay.

As we finish the tea and our conversation, we will swill the cups widdershins (counterclockwise), empty the remaining tea into the saucer, and then examine the dregs. They will have formed symbols and shapes which I will then, with your help, interpret.

The second portion of the session is the charm casting and potion blending. Based on our story-conversation, and tea, we will cast a charm for you, together.

:: The Charm ::

This charm should serve as a touchstone, a physical reminder of the desired result of the consultation. It might be a bone, or a stick, or a feather, or a penny. Or literally almost anything else that could fit in your pocket. Each item used as a charm has been thoroughly cleansed, in new moon spring water and fennel smoke. The charm may be used for a designated period of time, and then may be saved, or ritually discarded.

:: A Few Notes on my Craft ::

I’m a practiced witch of 20 years. My craft is inspired by Old Country witchcraft, specifically a blend of European and Nordic folk magic, herbalism, and folklore. My practice is based on respect, generosity, growing knowledge, good intention, and trusting intuition.

I practice with care, respect, and intention, and I take my practice very seriously. I explore the history of the botanicals I use, the story of the land beneath my feet, and the symbols of the charms I offer to ensure no harm be done by my charms and my potions. I am aware of appropriation, violence in pagan practices, lack of knowledge, care or respect in the craft. Protected with this knowledge, I perform my magic with pure intention, thorough research, and respect of my teachers and ancestors.

I live on land stolen from the Coast Salish, Cowltiz, Nisqually, and Squaxin people in so-called Olympia, Wa.