Is Anybody Home? A Myth in Crisis
Oak Journal Issue 4, Spring 2022

For Aletheia. Against Comus, Against Erebus: An Invitation to Become Child-like, in Order to Save the World!
Innersleeve Magazine Issue 4, May 2021

Words of the Wasteland: Against a Plastic Language
Oak Journal Issue 2, October 2020

ritual // routine: For Melete, for Ananke and Lethe. For new practices. For ritual. Against routine
Elderly Magazine END CAPITALISM NOW, July 2020

On Photography and the Pale Blue Dot

The Tao and Tea

Walls of the Mind House: An Exploration of the Order and Chaos within Houses in Gothic Texts and Latin American Literature

The Bitter Word Redeemed: An Exploration of the Transition of Language from The Beginning of Genesis to the New Testament